Born on Christmas Day in 1981, music has always been at the center of Ryan Newcomb’s life. He started singing in his church when he was only 6 years old. On his 14th birthday, Ryan’s parents caved in and bought their son his very first guitar. What was born was the accompaniment to his voice that Ryan had always sought. From the moment he began to play the guitar, he seemingly began to write. “I always had a place in my heart that wanted to play. It turned out that this place in my heart was actually a desire to write.” 

Fueled by influences such as John Denver, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Jim Croce, Caedmon’s Call, Andrew Peterson and countless other singer/songwriters, Ryan began to explore how he could express the depths of his heart through words and music. 

Even more central to his life than his music has always been his faith and belief in Jesus Christ. “It sounds almost cliché, but my faith in Christ truly defines who I am. Without the Grace of God, I would not be able to play, to sing, or to write.” It is the idea of Grace – a Holy and Perfect God making a way for a sinful and imperfect man – that Ryan explores most in his music. 

In 1999, Ryan released “The Banks of the Sandy Creek” for Piano Factory Records.  After arriving at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2000, the experiences of his college years would revolutionize Ryan’s vocal, guitar, and songwriting abilities. With that, the fall of 2003 brought the release of Ryan’s first true album titled “One Foot In The Door.” 

In August 2009, Ryan headed to Nashville for the first time to work with long-time singer/songwriter Jeremy Casella and some of Nashville’s best musicians to record “Grace – The EP” which was released in December 2009.  Two years later, Ryan would release "It's Better Out Here".  A compilation of songs recorded over several years with friends and musicians in Sarasota, FL, this EP serves as a continuation of the themes explored in "Grace".  It also features Ryan's signature song to date, the autobiographical "Savior".  "If we're really honest with ourselves, human beings, deep down, are all the same.  We know something is not right with our own hearts and the world around us.  I was blessed with the words to convey this story that is mine and also that of every other person in the world who realizes they need Someone far greater than they could ever hope to be to make that right."

Since its release, Ryan has continued to grow as a songwriter while pursuing a career as a professional musician. “There is no greater joy for me than sharing my songs and my stories with other people because it is truly what I believe I was created to do.” Where this road will lead, Ryan does not know. But, for him, the journey is the greatest part. 

“Ryan Newcomb is a wonderful songwriter. His music is honest and beautiful -- his songs stir the heart and remind you that you are alive.” -Jeremy Casella